CAS in International Retail Management

Retail excellence is essential in today's competitive market and stagnant revenue growth. The CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) program of the Institute of Retail Management at the University of St. Gallen provides the skills needed to succeed globally. Watch the video below to learn how this program can help you excel.

  • 4 Retail Excellence Moduls

    Our program has four dynamic retail excellence modules, offered twice in St.Gallen and once each in Berlin and Barcelona. These modules are designed to stand alone, allowing you to choose the best suits your needs. Complete any module and earn a prestigious certificate of participation from the University of St. Gallen. Dive into these exciting courses and elevate your retail expertise!

  • State-of-the-Art Research

    Each module delves deep into different aspects of retail management, offering cutting-edge insights and strategies. Each seminar offers engaging discussions and access to our latest books and state-of-the-art studies.

  • Exceptional Speakers

    Each seminar presents an opportunity to connect with exceptional figures from the retail realm, engaging in insightful discussions and gaining perspectives from industry leaders.

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Online Preparation

Each participant completes a REDx online course that thematically explains the basics of the upcoming module.​

Retail Safari

On the arrival day of the seminar, we will conduct a Retail Safari. We will visit retail formats that fit thematically to the module. Guided by workshop questions, the participants work out their first insights in teams.


Participants meet for the seminar (2 days) after the digital preparation and the retail safari. In addition to discussions, workshops, and keynote speeches, the module is accompanied by a social program to foster informal exchanges with peers.


During the retail excellence modules, participants must apply the conveyed concepts to their own company in an interactive group task and present it in front of their peers. The task must respond to a challenge in one's own company to generate meaningful insights for the participants and their companies. 

learning is a continuous process

Structure of the Program

The Certificate Requirements include Compulsory Subjects, Core Electives, and a Final Exam.

The most extraordinary sessions are the Retail Excellence Modules. Additionally, participants must attend a minimum of 3 out of 7 Research Workshops offered annually. The final exam evaluates participants' knowledge through a written essay, focusing on applying the acquired knowledge to their respective companies.

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The Retail Excellence Modules

Retail Excellence Module I


Retail Strategy and Business Model Transformation

14 - 16 February 2024

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Retail Excellence Module II


Retail Technologies & Innovation

18 - 20 June 2024

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Retail Excellence Module III


Omnichannel Management

4 - 6 September 2024

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Retail Excellence Module IV


Leadership & The Future of Retailing

20 - 22 November 2024

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  • "The CAS in International Retail Management program was a game-changer for my career. The program's focus on practical applications of retail management concepts helped me to apply what I learned immediately in my work."

  • "The program's retail safaris were an incredible opportunity to see retail innovation in action. Observing how some of Europe's leading retailers operate was a truly unique experience that I will always value."

  • "The program's emphasis on leadership development and collaboration was a highlight for me. The workshops and seminars helped me to develop skills that are essential for success in today's team-based retail environment."

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